There Never Was An “Us” (So Why Do I Feel Like There Was?)


Thought Catalog

The facts are straight: there was never an “us.” Not technically.

You see, we were never together, and no, I didn’t change my Facebook status from “Single” into “In a Relationship.” I was his, but he was not mine. We didn’t have labels. But you don’t need labels to feel anything.

The trigger was probably the thought that maybe it would be different. That maybe, it would finally be him. That maybe I won’t end up alone, scared or hurt.

It all started with the meaningless teasing — they were pairing us up, and we played along fine. At first, it was funny for us, and we went on like we didn’t care because I knew, I was certain, that I would never fall in love with him. But then I remember the moment when jokes became half-truths. That exact moment when I dared to transcend the line between…

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