1st week of August

So, it’s the the end of the work week and I’m feeling – I think the right term would be – relieved.

OKAY. So, what’s up with me for this week?

Last Saturday, August 2, was the much-awaited 1st year company anniversary! Each of our parents were invited so Mama and Papa tagged along, including my freaking brother. I shall go deep into the details when photos from the official photographer arrive. Chos. Hahaha. Here’s a sneak peek of what my peg was that night:


Hmm. What else? By Sunday, I think I was already staying and sleeping in my own room. Yay! No photos ’cause it still has no character (read: no decor) so let me skip on that. Sunday night I spent watching just anything because I have the TV in the room. Even rewatched a bit of Witch’s Romance ㅋㅋ Then, well, I just got depressed that night – maybe effect of first time being alone in my own room – and just got to office the next day with puffy eyes (-_\)

So maybe that was the reason I was bloody craving for lasagna that Monday and with no friend I can think of to go with me (they’re all either super thrifty or away), I called my sister. Unfortunately, she was already on the way home so, craving satisfaction postponed. Ughhhh

Good thing it was only postponed for a day so hurrah for my tummy that gets to be filled by my favorite foodies!

And I also saw this as an opportunity to talk to my sister. ✧

Papa talked to me when I woke up that Tuesday that sis cried to Mama and asked, “What did you want to do when you were young?” – something to that extent. Since I slept really early like 9PM (yes, it is early, mind you~) so, I got to miss the “drama.”

Here are our photos to lighten up the mood XDD We ate at Greenwich.

She likes this very much! :))
I’m sooo fat! Argh!

Right. To some degree, my sister and I are very close – we share the same interests and well, she, without permission, takes borrows my clothes, the works. If I had to really choose, I think she would be my best friend ’cause she knows the bossy, spoiled and disgusting me and still accepts me. Awww~ Or basically, she has no choice. Hahaha ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

In a more serious note, our family isn’t really open with each other and that includes us two. We just amazingly get to know stuff about each other like that, though not in details. Or well, I know we check each other’s phones late at night when the other is sleeping. Lels! Anyways, I wanted to change that. I wanted her to confide in me. The process will be not be easy but I’m up for it.

So, that night, I asked her about what Papa told me. She was hesitant at first but I forced it out of her. Then finally, she told me she felt lost. That she didn’t know what she wanted to do in her life. I told her I had the same sentiments too. You can graduate like I did but then end up in a career away from your field. Sometimes, education is just an armor – a protective ground like when you can’t succeed in work you love or like my sister, who is still confused on which way to go.

Take for instance, me. I am an Information Technology graduate. I know I was the one who chose this course for myself, but a lot of factors affected the decision. I never strayed the “normal” path because I thought, “I’ll just get over this and then I shall do what I want after. And that is exactly what I did. Though I have regrets like, I should have done better in school, etc. But right now, being a writer/blogger for an occupation is glorious for me. I’m doing what I looooove. ♡

Back to my sis though, I just told her to continue what she’s doing, performing well and being active in school. Ponder and list down things you like ’cause you may make a career out of that. I honestly believe my sister is smart but is just really slowed down because of her faint-heartedness (which is the same with me but I can tolerate I think).

We’ll see what’s to come for her (⌒_⌒);;

Oops, yeah! Embarrassing moment at work! I guess it was yesterday? Since I am broke like hell, I brought a lunchbox. So there I was, eating with workmates – the boys srsly eat so much and so long XDD Okay, then we went back to the office. It was like, at off time, I checked my bag and my lunchbox wasn’t there. Asked those I dined with at lunch and they said they didn’t notice. What sorcery…? Anyhoo, went to store up front and my lunchbox was there. And they washed it already. Kkkk which was funny, awkward and nice at the same time. I AM A FORGETFUL PERSON ALREADY AT MY AGE, I SWEAR! Well, today, I securely held it after lunch! (;-_-)ノ #achievement

As mentioned, my finances are gravely bare. I must save!!!! But right now, I just paid for some kpop merch (Details soon! Hints: Super Junior, limited edition O(≧▽≦)O) and I still have to compensate for that Dakak trip. This is me because of my fangirling and traveling ways. I deserve this though! But I’m okay. I know they’re all worth it. Ooooh ♡

I have to declare I finished the week with lasagna – again! Sorry not sorry~~ Mama was surprisingly giving today. Puhaha mader! (*^3^)/~☆



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