Mr. Almost Right #1: Confession

Coming from a high school party, a girl went home with her best friend. They rode an empty jeepney and while chatting, a cute chinito guy caught her eye. He rode the jeepney as well and sat across from her by the end part. During the commute, the girl and her best friend just kept talking but she was still very well aware of the cutie, who was looking at her – or them, because she just didn’t want to assume. It was raining then and it was dark. But she saw how the guy got some paper and wrote something, and she found it very weird. She shrugged it off and just thought it was none of her business.

Then it was time for her best friend to get off. They said their goodbyes and the girl was left alone. Feeling quite awkward, she got her earphones out and listened to music, and refused to look directly at the boy anymore.

The boy’s stop came. The girl’s thoughts were, “Bye bye, random crush. See you never again.” But before the boy got off, he tossed her the piece of paper. Saying she was shocked was an understatement. Her initial reaction though was to check around if anyone saw that.

Her stop came and she nervously but still excitedly opened the folded letter. There, the guy confessed, mentioning his name and his pure, on the spot attraction to the girl, with his phone number in the bottom. She was stunned and unbelieving too, her insecurities surfacing. “No, this is supposed to be for my beautiful best friend,” she said.

Even though she was uncertain, there was no doubt she was happy and kilig. This was a first time occurrence for her, the nearest thing of a confession she has gotten.

She mass texted her friends: told them all the details and asked them what to do. Some friends said, “This is your chance. Go for it, text him now!” while some said, “No, don’t text. Wait for a few days so you’ll see he’s sincere.”

The girl was confused. She was quite desperate and afraid that she would waste an opportunity. And so, she texted the guy that night, almost around midnight. He texted back and they exchanged a few messages until the guy said, “Text you later. I’m in a party.”

Even though the guy assured her that it wasn’t a wrong delivery (“I’m interested in you, not your friend,” and the like), she was still adamant, especially that he cut off their texting session.

Still, that commenced a simple relationship. She learned he was still studying and he was younger than her: a quality she avoided for a guy. And she also noticed the lack of life or warmth when they texted. It was contrary to what she believed will happen if she ever experienced “romance”.

Nevertheless, the guy still seemed interested because he called her at times and they also became fast friends in Facebook, where he liked a lot of her posts. They both wanted to meet but circumstances didn’t seem to agree. Once, the girl told the boy she was in the mall. Not receiving any suggestive reply to meet, she went home. On the way home, the guy called and asked if she was still in the mall because he was there. The girl did not feel any spark to go movie madness and run back towards the mall so, she told him she’s heading home.

Everything else was a blur. They then just stopped texting each other and drifted apart. The girl knew not to pursue it any longer because she had some self-worth and love to not push anyone to like her. She believed a guy must like her enough to chase after her.

Just recently, she sees him in the mall. She doesn’t see a faint of recognition in his eyes, but she is okay. There was also a time they actually met face to face. Both were hesitant to say hi but ghosts of smiles linger in their lips.

She was browsing through Facebook and saw his post. Curiosity killed her and so she visited his wall. Then later on, she discovered his Instagram. There she saw and learned that the guy is married – or will be soon. It seems like his fiance is pregnant at the moment.

The girl feels strange, not because she loved the boy and was heartbroken at the news, but because it just is. To know him and know that he is holy attached like that, it is unusual. How come they married so young and early? But these are all clean interest. He is indeed just a fleeting breeze in her life.

With this whole new experience, she realized that destiny is funny; that we meet people for unknown reasons but we end up being a changed person because of them.

The girl is happy for him, and now, she is waiting for who else will come for her. ✪


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