You are my lifelong, most precious dream…

My heart and my mind is filled with wonders of you that I want to see and explore in the flesh…


Effect of seeing photos of Kpop friends going to Korea. Ugh. Instagram, you’re gonna kill me soon!! (This is why I just recently made an account, it’s too perfect and it’s making me hate myself)

I always reflect, “When will I ever go? When is my time?” I don’t mean Korea is too impossible a travel to do but just… there are still so many things to do here and accomplish, things to buy~ But I’m really afraid I won’t realize this dream.

I choke up every time I know people who have gone to Korea, especially those non-fan ones who just had the opportunity, and I’m screaming in my head like, “Can we switch places? I wanted it more than you!!! Why can’t it be meeeeee”

Alert for lurking green monster–Lord. Please help me. I badly want this. Huhuhuhu. Korea~ ㅠㅇㅠ

Wait for me… I will prepare and make all my K-dreams come true ♥♥♥


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