Cheerio to a beginning!

Hi from short-haired me! ★

The recent whereabouts were untold and I even promised myself to update regularly but well… laziness isn’t something you can change overnight. Lels

On to more significant news, I HAVE A JOB ALREADY!!!!

And it’s so fun, it’s so cool, and it kinda explains the absence? ㅋㅋ

I had my share of tambay days and then I got a text from Teejay’s company (which I was mildly rejected from days before resignation from previous company). They told me to come that day but then I had these awful cramps! Asked for a resched and so, the next day, feeling nervous and directionally-challenged, I arrived there (much to Teejay’s shock ’cause I kept it secret from her). Needless to say, I got hired and it’s been a month now! The job involved social media, Photoshop, and blogging, which are like, my fave activities in the world! Besides fangirling, shopping, and traveling, if I must say soooo ^ㅅ^ But really, I’m so fond of the online world, maybe mainly because I’m so deprived of it? XD

Futhermore, the vibe in the office is so raw, so fresh – it’s a cool set of young people! I’m doing what I like and I’m surrounded by energetic and fun individuals, even the bosses! What more can I ask? 🙂 Downtime though is I’m the only single in the group! Way to make me feel more forever-alone ㅠㅠ Kidding. I’m coping better than before. Let’s wait~ The company’s still really unknown (1st anniv by August) and when I tell people where I work, I’m met with ‘Ah’s, like, ‘I don’t know where that is, but okay.’ It is my dream to work for something large but I’m struck that the company’s silently booming into something bigger 🙂

I’m always online at work, there’s wifi and all but I can’t seem to post here. Huhu. I’ll work hard! I’m doing blogging for work but my own I cannot manage. It sucks ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ


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