2NE1 – ‘너 아님 안돼 (GOTTA BE YOU)’ M/V


I love all the Crush album tracks but this one’s like my faaaave (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

I’m not disappointed with this but I’m not exactly thrilled? Does that make sense? But really. I just thought they’re better than this. YG~~ Hihi. And there goes so-called “Blackjacks” in the comment box again. Hating on CL and saying, “This is CL ft. Bom, Minzy, Dara”, blah blah. Whaaaaaat?! I mean, I’m CL bias so maybe I don’t feel their side (’cause I know they’re hating on CL for being too exposed and taking screentime from their bias, Bom/Minzy/Dara) but srsly, it shouldn’t matter. Ugh.

Anw. Official photos from 2NE1 official Facebook~


Ahhhh, loveyou, unnies!! 너 아님 안돼 is like my jam!!!! ♥~(‘▽^人)


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