Soon to be unemployed

Yes, I am gonna be.

Huhuhu. I feel so scared yet excited. Scared because who wouldn’t be? Lels. I need to find a job and fast! so that I can sustain my fangirling and traveling ways~~ And excited, because I srsly want to relax and enjoy being young, to not be too caught up and stressed with the work now.

I have been blessed that after graduation, I was immediately employed but after a year and a month in current company, I think I’m at a point  that I just had enough and I couldn’t (and shouldn’t) stay just because I’m afraid of the possibilities of not getting hired again. I mean, I can’t stay here forever. And it’s impossible I wouldn’t get another job…

I am pessimistic but I didn’t appreciate how my mother kept asking me about my decision and if it’s final. I know she’s just looking out for me but I’m just soooooo tired of this job, the people here, the atmosphere — it’s toxic, if you ask me. I want something new, I want a job that pays more, I want a job I enjoy.

On the brighter side, through this job, I’ve also been trained well and I’ve discovered my own capabilities. I’m not exactly very confident but I know I can do a good job if you try me. And I’m a fast learner. Kk. I feel like this is an online application. Haha! But in all fairness, I think I work pretty good, seeing that current company didn’t want to let me go but le me persists XDD

On Saturday, no work already, and I cannot wait to open my eyes and feel free as can be~ Wootwoot. But of course, I bet there’ll be that nagging feeling of, “Go find work, young lady!!” Haha. I shall bask on my freedom from stress first though. It seems like this is rest for me since I joined the workforce directly after graduating, like I said.

Wish luck and pray for Pearly the jobless!!! (≧Д≦)

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